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GLYCOCHECK Vascular Care (VC)


Proper diet, exercise or stress management are known general guidelines for a healthy lifestyle and the prevention of disease.


Recent research indicates that the glycocalyx plays a part in the early stages of cardiovascular diseases. The glycocalyx layer is a natural occurring gel like structure within healthy blood vessels.  A damaged glycocalyx is related to an increased risk of vascular complications such as diabetes, stroke, sepsis, kidney disease or heart failure.


GlycoCheck VC is an innovative software solution for general practice and alternative medicine.

GlycoCheck VC monitors the changes in glycocalyx  of healthy individuals over time, for instance during the intake of dietary supplements or an exercise program.


 The measurement itself is performed non-invasively with a camera device that is placed under the individual’s tongue. Measurement results are displayed within minutes and presented in a pdf report.


What does that mean for your practice?

  • You will be able to monitor changes in glycocalyx during the intake of dietary supplements or exercise.
  • You can perform the measurements non-invasively, results are available within minutes in a pdf report.
  • GlycoCheck VC can be a unique addition to current monitoring methods like determining nitric oxide level and testing of cholesterol levels. 






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