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GLYCOCHECK Lens covers


GlycoCheck aims to offer complete imaging solutions including device consumables in supporting essential areas of critical care, cardiology, internal medicine, primary care as well as research departments.


Our Lens cover brand is a market leader in video microscope camera lens covers. Our lens covers are of superior quality, easy to use and reliable. GlycoCheck Lens covers are an efficient and cost effective method for ensuring patient safety within the healthcare environment.


What does that mean for you?


-          High quality medical grade plastic

-          Medical grade cleaned

-          Ease to use, easy to obtain


GlycoCheck Lens cover xl

Lens cover xl is our lens cover for the KK Technology Capiscope camera.

Lens cover xl is available in units of 100pc, 200pc or 500pc and easy to order via the GlycoCheck client portal or directly by fax or email. 



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